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Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules & Regulations

1. Each game will consist of two 20-minute running time periods. The clockwill be stopped only for time-outs throughout the game. EXCEPTION: Duringthe final one (1) minute of the first period and the final three (3) minutes of thesecond period, the clock will be stopped for all rules mandated stoppedclocksituations (including free throws and time-outs) if the score is within 20 points.

2. First team listed on the wall brackets will be “home” teamand will wear light colored jerseys.

3. Teams will be in bonus after five (5) fouls each half. Teamfouls will reset at the 10-minute mark of each half. Teams will automatically be in bonusinovertime or sudden death period. All bonus situations are awarded two(2) free throws.

4. Each team will be allowed two (2) full time-outs for the entire game, as well as one (1) 30 second time-out per half (Time-outs do NOT carry over). Teams will allotted an additional timeout for both overtime and sudden death.

5. Halftime will be 3 minutes.

6. There is a 5 minute forfeit rule in effect throughout the tournament. If ateam is not on site and ready to play five minutes after the designatedgametime, the tournament director may at his/her discretion thereafter, rule a forfeit. (Note: Any forfeited game will count towards the minimumfour game guarantee.)

7. No Press Rule: A team that is 20 points ahead cannot full court press. Theteam may pick up its opponent after they have crossed the half court line. One warning will be given to the bench prior to a technical being assessed.

8. Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls in one basketball gamewill be ineligible to play or coach for the remainder of that game. Any player or coach receiving a third technical foul during the tournament will be unabletoparticipate for the remainder of the tournament. Technical fouls and intentional fouls will be penalized with automatic two (2) points and the ball at half court. Technical fouls and intentional fouls count as a personal foul andwill count towards the team’s total foul count.

9. In case of overtime, a one-minute stop time period will be played. If thegame is still tied after the extra period, then a sudden death period will beplayed with the first team to score any type of points as the winner. 10. Players can only play for one team in their division. 11. The Tournament Director or a designated representative is the final arbiter of the interpretation and application of the Tournament Rules and of all disputes arising therefrom. The Tournament Director or the designatedrepresentative, in his or her discretion, may make any decision, in the best interest of the tournament and the safety and well-being of the participants, that supercedes these rules or their application.

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Main Gym

Coeur d’Alene High School Gym
5530 N 4th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

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Tournament Director

Jon Adams
[email protected]

Tournament Director

Arnold Brown
[email protected]